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"The hands-on experience from the guys at Cainhosting is unlike any other, offering the best price per service in the business. CainHosting utilizes unbeatable security/protection for their customers along with top-notch servers."
- Gary Harris - (Owner -

"I personally recommend to all my clients due to their extensive features, DDoS protection and fast support."
- Adil P. (Website Developer -,,

"I moved the hosting of the websites I manage to CainHosting because the services they offer at that price are a lot, especially the DDoS protection capabilities. Before moving to CainHosting, the websites stayed up for no longer than 10 minutes, after I moved there they never went down once. Customer service is really helpful, quick and informative."
- Isa A. (Manager - &

"As a community owner I decided for this professional web hosting solution in order to host my vital services such as my forum. I am very happy with CainHosting, you'll have quick support and you won't have to worry about the technical side of your website. I highly recommended to anybody looking for a great and stable service!"
- Niko S. (Owner -

"WYD Gaming community has been around for over 15 years and has had plenty of website providers. I needed a lot of custom help with various scripts to keep my site ahead of the curve and CainHosting was there every step of the way. CainHosting is one of the best providers out there and they're always willing to help and protect your websites."
- Ken E. (Owner -

"I require mass amounts of storage to host my projects and other map making tools. The best place for cheap and easy hosting, you cannot go wrong with CainHosting!"
- James S. (Owner -

"I'm extremely happy with the service and support from CainHosting. I operate high traffic and resource heavy gaming sites, provided me with a powerful server to handle my needs."
- Jesse B. (Owner -

"We've used many web hosts over the last 4 years for the FSAS community, nothing has beat Cainhosting. We would recommend their services to anyone that needs something fast, secure and DDoS protected."
- Jay L. & Angel. (Owners -

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